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Subject—Verb Agreement

An expression of quantity may precede a noun.

Una expresión de cantidad puede preceder a un sustantivo.

Some EoQs are used only with countable nouns.

Algunas EoQs se usan sólo con sustantivos contables.

Some EoQs are used only with uncountable nouns.

Algunas EoQ se usan sólo con sustantivos incontables.

Some EoQs are used with either countable or uncountable nouns.

Algunas EoQs con sustantivos contables o incontables.

The verb agreement is determined by the type of noun.
(nouns are countable or uncountable)

[ EoQ + sing noun + sing verb ]
[ EoQ + plur noun + plur verb ]
Some of, any of, a portion of, a percentage of, …. >>>  EoQs.Some of the App works well.
Usually, any of the assistants helps.
A percentage of the heat drops to 5º.
A portion of the book was read today.
A portion of the car is USA-made
Some of the Apps work well.
Usually, any of the assistants help.
A percentage of clients are not here.
A portion of the books were read today.
A portion of the cars are Americans.
A lot of the selling is new.A lot of the selling is new.A lot of the sales are new.
Two-thirds (2/3) of
Three quarters of
Half of
Two-thirds (2/3) of the money goes into deposits.Two-thirds (2/3) of the bills go into deposits.
Much of
Many of
Much of the smoke gets in here! Many of the smoke particles get in here!
One of One of my accounts has $2.  
Each ofEach of my colleagues speaks English.  
Every one of Every one of my reporters gets early here.  
 All these above are considered
singular EoQs
The verb agreement is determined by the type of EoQ 
None of None of the assistants works today.None of the assistants work today. (informal) 
The number of
A number o
The number of new customers is one hundred.A number of* new customers are happy with our service.
*Several, some, many
two, three, etc.Three apples lie on that chair.
a little
a few
A little of apple juice is neededA few apples are getting rotten.
severalSeveral apples were cut today.
Much energy dissipates through the window.Many people believe in Santa Claus. 
a great deal ofA great deal of patience was necessary.A great deal of the customers receive attention.
(not) any / noThere isn’t any rice left
There is no rice left
There aren’t any apples left
There are no apples left
none of the
I met several employees today; none works for this company.
None of the students is an American.
…; none knows the answer.
None are left. *
(no queda ninguno [de ellos])
None have arrived yet. *
(ninguno [de ellos] ha llegado aún.)
* Algunos expertos en uso reconocen que none es a veces singular y a veces plural. Ellos recomiendan que lo trates como singular cuando significa ni uno, o ninguna cantidad, y plural cuando significa ni siquiera algunos.Of the managers, none has arrived yet.
Of the managers, none have arrived yet.
*Ambos podrían ser aceptados.
Some of the
Some problem was detected.
Only some of the rice receives water.
Some passion is needed here!!
Some apples are very sweet
Some of the apples are very sweet
a lot ofThere is a lot of smog in this city
A lot of rice receives water.
There are a lot of apples on the table
A lot of cars are imported from China
lots of
loads of
Lots of visitors come here every year
Loads of coins arrive here every day
Loads of information were gathered
plenty ofPlenty of oxygen gets into their lungs
Plenty of gasoline hasn’t been received
Plenty of blankets were distributed.
Plenty of oxygen particles were found
most of (the)
Most of the food hasn‘t been cooked.
Most of the delay comes from us.
Most gasoline gets processed.
Most people are waiting outside.
Most of the people don’t believe it.
Most computers are not from Japan.
Most of the computers connect abroad
all (the)
all of (the)
All child needs a family !!
All machinery has to work well
All of the anxiety comes from us!!
All the apples were very sweet
All of the parents agree to the terms
A bunch ofA bunch of money lies on her desk.
A bunch of hope illuminates his face.
A bunch of employees were fired.
A bunch of bags are outside.
Piles of*
Stacks of*
(a stack of)*
A pile of regard is given to him.
A stack of consideration fills his message.
Piles of boxes accumulate in this room
Piles of bills are put into bags.
Stacks of blankets are on his bed.
Stacks of decks complete the unit.
*When these EoQs are used with uncountable nouns such as consideration, love, security, regard, etc. the meaning becomes more figurative or metaphorical. 

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